Vobiscum, Pilgrims

Well, the England leg of the ‘Jai Ho’ (or, ‘Tally-Ho’, as I affectionately call it!) Tour with A R Rahman came to an end about 2 hours ago at London Wembley Arena. They’ve been tough shows to put up, but the team behind the tour managed to pull it off.

What did I think of the gigs? So far, the best show was at the London O2 Arena.  To those that didn’t make it, due to ongoing weekend extensive Jubilee line repairs (that roughly translates to London Underground skiving), you missed one heck of a performance.  As for the music, I was expecting some more of the classics, but hey! You can’t always get what you want.  I personally think that AR, during some of the routines, seemed a tad uncomfortable in what he had to wear.  But this is me just nit-picking.  Anyway, less chat from me, more pictures!

I’d like to take this moment to thank everyone who helped out in every way possible to get the pictures. You know who you all are. Thanks and God bless.

*** Guys, getting these shots were not easy, so I would really, really appreciate it, with cherries on top, if you would contact me if you plan ‘pulling’ the images off. Help a brother out!***

14 thoughts on “AR Rahman & 'Jai Ho-The Journey Home' Tour

  1. i was there @the concert. it was amazing to watch him perform live.
    there he was, standing in front of me, just 3 or 4 meters away… so near. wow.
    thanks for posting these moments with AR Rahman.

  2. Awesome photos bro!! Thank you very much for sharing!! God bless 🙂 btw, i used one of your photos as my FB DP. If you’ve any objection i shall remove it(though i’ve credited you with your website)..

  3. Great pictures. I was there too, but these pictures make the post-experience better! if you have more pictures, please upload em as well.
    Thanks a lot!

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