The Lemonheads at the Indigo2.London-October 2015

Evan Dando at the Indigo2, London

Greetings, pilgrims!

So, I had one of those very rare moments that occurred at The Lemonhead gig yesterday at the Indig02: That moment you walk into the pit and the other photographers give you that questioning look of “Are you sure you’re at the right gig?

Hey! I can enjoy alternative rock like the next person. I like (scratching head to come up with examples) Oh, who am I kidding: this kind of genre is not my cup of tea.  That said, I did like in very small moderation, their cover version of Simon and Garfunkel‘s “Mrs. Robinson

Anyway, a couple of shots from the night!



Thought of the day

Ọ̀nà ò ní jìn kó má lóòpin. / A road cannot be so far and not have an end. [Nothing lasts forever; keep hope alive]

Yorùbá Proverbs


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