Pax Vobiscum, Pilgrims!

Well, you know that the summer break is finally over when you start apply for photo-passes & you get the ‘yah‘ or ‘nay‘ responses.  Thankfully, I got a ‘yay’ response to cover the Tongues on Fire gig at the Barbican on Saturday night, so thanks for making that possible, Ms.K.

The show itself was influenced by the revolutionary visual arts created by Emory Douglas for The Black Panthers, accompanied with the music of Hip-Hop giants The Roots;  tenor saxophonist David Murray, who also directed the whole show; legends The Last Poets and Living Colour.   Despite having only 10 minutes to cover the performance due to limited restrictions, let’s just say 5 minutes in and I’m bombarded with imagery and lyrics  of such cultural & political clout  that I nearly decided to go ‘Revolutional‘: I wanted to gear myself up with a dashiki, curl my fist into a Black Power salute chanting “Stick it to the man!!“, and of course, wishing I had a full Afro Of course, although I do have a Che Guevara beret. Somehow, I don’t think my revolution would be televised, yet alone looked in as news. There’s more of a probability that I’d be seen as a terrorist!

Since I wasn’t at the show long enough to warrant a genuine review, you’re stuck with a somewhat pictorial review, compliments from my Sigma f2.8 70-200 lens (God, I need a 300!):

The Roots Black Thought with The Last Poets Abiodun Oyewole:

David Murray, Corey Glover, Vernon Reid, Abiodun Oyewole & Black Thought:

The full ensemble (and trust me when I say this, ?uestlove was on drums!)

Vobiscum, pilgrims!!

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