They say that all good things must come to an end (Oh, dear God: WHY?!?!?), and thus concludes this years London Jazz Festival 2009. Of course, you’d save the best for last, and it doesn’t get any better than having funk Bass guitar supremo, Marcus Miller, closing the festival with ‘Tutu Revisted‘- a tribute to his collaboration with the Jazz legend that was Miles Davis back in the 1980s on the album, ‘Tutu‘.  Of course, it was always going to be a sold out gig at the Barbican. I have been looking forward to this gig since Mr Miller was confirmed, so if I go a bit nuts on so many pictures, you’ll understand why:

The first time I’d heard any of Marcus Miller’s stuff was some years back while on a trip to Womad. A good friend of mine, H Sridhar, recommended some  jazz albums and suggested Marcus Miller, since he was a big fan. It was one of the best recommendations he could have given me when it comes to Jazz.  Unfortunately, H Sridhar passed away late last year. A damn shame: he always wanted to see Marcus Miller live. Rest in Peace, sir.

To accompany Marcus Miller  at the gig, the roster was of  very talent upstarts to take over the mantle when the time comes: Alex Han – saxophone; Federico Gonzalez Pena – keyboards; Ronald Bruner – drums; and for the all very important part of recapturing the essence of Miles Davis was Christian Scott – trumpet. According the Marcus, he wanted to bring in the young because, “I got young guys because I wanted to do this in a way Miles wouldn’t hate”,  and if yesterdays performance was anything to go by, the future of jazz is looking really, really bright.  If you’re yet to hear any of these lads, I’d suggest you’d check them out:

I was opportuned to shoot the sound rehearsals, so here are some of the shots from that:

Visually, the whole session was a joy to take during the final performance. Of course, I couldn’t walk all over the place, but I guess there’s only so many shots you can take.

Right: before I end this year’s Festival blog, just wanted to mention a some people who made it possible taking the shots a possibility: G (Thanks for the support!), Alex, Anna, Lucinda, Sorcha and Jacquie.  Thanks, guys. 🙂 Outstanding line up this year; Here’s to London Jazz Festival 2010!


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