They say that the Dog is Man’s best Friend. It would seem that Fez would be an exception to that saying.  The cat is the locals’ best friend: fact!

World Sacred Music Festival

Even the donkey, which does most of the hard work for an animal around here, doesn’t have as much adoration as the cat!  Maybe it’s their big, soppy eyes; their elegant stride, or complete arrogance of knowing that there will be a resident that will look out for them, the cat knows how to survive these streets:

World Sacred Music Festival

Where ever you go you’ll find cats strutting about & minding their own business. Remember that saying, ‘let sleeping dogs lie’? Actually, change the animal to cat and it’ll be more applicable.  If anything, it’s the very rarely seen dog that I have seen victimised by the kids here. The Cats on the other hand, are living the Life of Riley:

World Sacred Music Festival

I have a theory, and as far-reaching & spaced out as it may sound, (or read!) hear me out:  what if there’s a Queen Feline who has all-reaching mind control over the locals? Don’t be surprised if the cats are controlling Fez. Hey! It happened in Ancient Egypt. (Actually, it didn’t. Or did it???)

Are you a cat who’s fed up with humans hassling you and you’d rather  just turn your head & watch your pleb walk on by? Then come to Fez:


Are you in much need of sustenance and can’t be bothered to hunt for your nemesis, ‘Jerry’? Well, help is at hand: Just stand in front of a food stall with your head high & I guarantee a free meal soonest!:

World Sacred Music Festival

Away from the cats for a bit, We were invited to dinner by a a pair of lovely young Americans who are also working at the festival.  They took us to the house that they were staying at, were given a grand tour of the house. Dinner was Lentils, Bread & fresh vegetables. I’m not a lentil lover at all, but When in Rome…

World Sacred Music Festival

The performance of the night consisted of new work written for the concert by French Violinist Didier Lockwood, called ‘Cordes & Ames‘.  (Strings and Souls)

World Sacred Music Festival

The orchesthra was conducted by Rachid Regragui, with Classical Soprano from Caroline Casadesus & traditional chants from Ilshan R’Miki.

World Sacred Music Festival

Of course, it was another amazing of music night, but a damn shame about the low turn out!

World Sacred Music Festival

At least I saw a cat come by to make up the numbers:


I finished off the evening checking out a Sufi night at the Bath Museum. Interesting, but it didn’t really stir my soul:


Most of the shots were shot between ISO 250-3200, depending on time of day. I have rarely used flash because it just kills the mood, to be honest. Lens have been switched between f/2.8 24-70 & f/2.8 70-200. This is the Pixgremlin, signing off for now. Pax Vobiscum, pilgrims!


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