Like any other Arab nation, the Fez people love their tea, or as translated in Arabic: اتاي‎ – Ataí.  Coffee is a stiff competitor, but let’s face it, tea has a regal panache that reigns supreme in these parts of the world that’s not going to let bean groud upstarts usurp the beverage throne. That’s not going to happen.  Where ever you go, no matter the time of day, tea is being made, poured and drank:

World Sacred Music Festival

Mint tea, Green tea, Berber tea, Black tea, Oorlong tea, even lipton tea! Whatever the tea, just be prepared to have your teeth slapped around with a  full assault of sugar. Oh, my God, do they use copius amounts of that sweet, sweet sucrose! Which reminds me, I need a dental check up soon!

The musical day started with the soul-stirring sufi  performances of the Deba of the Women of Mayotte.  With their uniformed purple & white patterned robes, these ladies could give any group a masterclass on how to sing from the heart:

Deba  Of the Women of Mayotte (Songs, dance and Sufi Ritual)

Of the Women of Mayotte (Songs

The evening performance was of Souad Massi of Algeria:

Souad Massi

Souad Massi

In the last 5 days I’ve been here, C’est Bon has become new favourite word! Bon-bon!!


One thought on “Let them drink tea! (Day 5 at the World Sacred Music Festival 2009)

  1. Hi bro. Seems like you’re having loads of fun! I’ve been following your series from Fez. Brings back memories of a trip to marrakech a couple of years ago. Great pictures as usual. Hope you’re well

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