Salutation, pilgrims.

So, how would I review Ace Hood’s gig for the 4 minutes I hung around to take his pictures? Well:

Young man comes on stage finally at 10.15 pm (No surprise there, then!).

Crowd goes wild.

Young man shoots off lyrics laced with hyper-profanity.

Crowd goes wilder.

There’s a drum kit on stage. (That’s a plus from me!)

Young man with ‘hype-man’ waxes more lyrics while hopping from one end of stage to other.

I leave after 2nd second song.


Ace-Hood-19th-of-September-Indig02-Akin-Aworan--3940That’s it!

Thought of the Day:

Tí ọ̀rọ̀ bá pọ̀jù ìsọkúsọ lẹ̀dá yóò máa sọ.


In other words:  If a person talks too much, he will talk out of turn. [Moderation and tact in speech]

Yoruba Proverbs


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