That was the statement made last week at the press conference of the Indian Movie, ‘Baabul’ with John Abrahams (not a name you’d associate with being an Indian, but there you go!) He, with another actor and director, were obliging us photographers with some shots.
As you may or not know, some photographers have no finess at these events at times, so everyone is screaming, “Over here!” “Smile this way!” You’d think we’d mastered the art of saying “Please!”, by now. You’d think!

Anway, while all this is going on, one photographer shouts out,”Could you tell the man in the suit.. what’s his name? Could you tell him to move into the frame, please?” At that moment, there were gasps all around.. even I gasped out. Here’s the man he was referring to:

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If there was ever an editorial Faux Pas at that instance, that was it. Granted, you can’t know everyone, but damn! Mr Bachan seemed bemused with the comment and took it with a grin. Nice to know that being big a movie star as he is, he’s not uppity in himself. (Compared to some divas I’ve encountered!)

Funny enough, The Sunday Times Newspaper (Dec 3 2006) had an editorial entitled, “The World’s Most famous actor and you’ve Never heard of him”. All in due time, I guess.

One thought on “Dude in the suit, could you move?!?

  1. Dat must’ve been very embarrassing o. Well, u can’t blame d dude, even me myself who knows a few of these bollywood faces don’t know their names.

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