Musiq Soulchild at the Indigo2, London. ©Akin Aworan

Musiq Soulchild at the Indigo2, London. ©Akin Aworan

Pax Vobiscum, pilgrims!

So, according to the calendar, it’s been over a year since I posted anything up.  A whole year! Wow, how about that!

To be honest, I have been busy: what with breathing, and eating and all that lovely work that goes into existing. That and being prioritising stuff. But hey: live’s too short not to blog!

So now that  I’m back I’ll start off with a gig I attended a couple of nights ago at the Indigo2 that played host to a house-favourite, Musiq Soulchild:

Musiq Soulchild

Musiq Soulchild

with performances from The Floacist, Natalie Stewart:

The Floacist in action.

The Floacist in action.

I must say, she does look good in black:

In glorious Techno-mono!

In glorious Techno-mono!

 and Raheem Bakare (top dollar, I bet he’s Nigerian, even before I google the information!) a young soul singer whom I’d never heard of until yesterday, but I’m sure he’ll go far:

Raheem Bakare © Akin Aworan

I have to admit that I was very surprised to see that the gig was a seated event, and I kept thinking to myself, “Sheesh! We can’t be that old! But I know my people: the moment the show starts, people will rise up and dance!”

Boy, was I sorely mistaken!

Last year, same venue, Belinda Carlise performed to a seated audience. Or so she thought. The moment she came on stage, everyone stood up and danced and sang along.

But not my people yesterday. To be honest, they were quite reserved, all things considering.  But hey! Who am I to judge!

Musically, it was a great gig, the whole 10 minutes that I stayed for the show. Visually, though, I wasn’t wowed by the performance, but that’s just me.

Thought of the day

Omi kì í korò lẹ́nu láì ní ìdí. / Water does not taste bitter in the mouth without a reason. [There is a reason for every seeming anomaly]

Yorùbá Proverbs


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