Dominus vobiscum pilgrims!



After my last pictorial encounter with John McLaughlin, I decided that the best cause of action would be to photograph the Remember Shakti gig either from the side stalls or the back of the auditorium at a ram packed Royal Festival Hall.

Apart from Zakir Hussain and Mr McLaughlin, the newer members to the group was Shankar Mahadevan on vocals, Mandolin Shrinivas on…mandolin, and finally Selva Ganesh on the mridangam. For a more comprehensive review, please read  The Telegraph’s Ivan Hewett’s review.






Thought of the day

Mímì lẹpọ̀n àgbò ńmì, kò lè já.

In other words: The ram’s testicles are merely dangling, they can’t fall off. [Don’t give up!]



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