Top of the morning, pilgrims!

Hugh Masakela and Larry Willis at the Royal festival November 20

Friday saw the start to this year’s EFG London Jazz Festival.  With so many gigs to choose from, it was a no-brainer as to which show I’d want to photograph.  Step right up, South African trumpeter titan Hugh Masakela, performing on stage with American pianist Larry Willis.




It was amazing to hear their rendition of  Herbie Hancock’ s Canteloupe Island .  That said, after this track, I had to leave the auditorium immediately.  It’s no fun when there are a group of photographers  all kneeling down to get the shot and trying not to irritate the punters (we always do!), and most importantly, not put the musicians off.

For a  more concise review, have a read of John Fordman’s review in The Guardian.

Next stop: Bob James & David Sanborn.

Thought of the Day

Rírú omi òkun kò ní k’ẹ́ja má sùn, kó má han’run.

In other words:  The storms of the sea won’t stop the fish from sleeping and snoring. [Keep hope alive]

Yoruba Proverbs


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