Susheela Raman at the Royal Festival Hall, London © Aworan

Susheela Raman at the Royal Festival Hall, London © Aworan

Salutations, pilgrims!

What is there to say about Susheela Raman that I’ve said before here, here and here?  If you’ve never seen her perform live, I have one question to ask you: what’s the matter with you?? Find out where her next gig, buy a ticket, and enjoy the music.




Unfortunately, I didn’t have the opportunity to shoot the Rizwan Muazzum Qawwals since it was a ‘First 3 songs‘ no policy, and let me tell you, you don’t want to get on the wrong side of the ushers at RFH, and not to mention the paying customers!



I heard that the entirety of the gig was amazing.  I wouldn’t expect anything less from such a talented

Thought of the day

Oúnjẹ tí àá jẹ pẹ́, a kìí bu òkèlè rẹ̀ tóbi    One shouldn’t cut the morsels of the food one will eat for long too big.

In other words: Moderation is crucial

(source: https://twitter.com/yoruba_proverbs)

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