Dominus Vobiscum, pilgrims!

Well, I’ll be honest: I never thought I’d see the day when I’d attend a jazz gig to find hip-hop fans outnumbering jazz purists.  Then again, when you’re at a Robert Glasper gig, I wouldn’t expect less.  Sure, Bob James has influenced many hip-hop artists through his work, but Robert has created an open highway with a free tollbooth for you to travel into both spectrums of music.  His powerformance (yes, it’s a word I just conjured up as a typo, only to google it and find out that that there is a band of such description!)  more or less describes yesterday’s performance at the Barbican.   It was truly watching  musical alchemists at work, namely Robert Glasper (Obviously!), Casey Benjamin, Derrick Hodge and Mark Colenburg.  Come to think of it, visually, Robert reminded me of a younger version of Theolonius Monk, and no, I’ve never seen said maestro in the flesh.  Youtube, baby!  With guest such as Bilal:

and Ms Lalah Hathaway

…it was tour de force of musical stylings of improv, synths, jazz , hip-hop, and then some!


 Food for Soul & ThoughtThe Lord is near to all who call upon Him.Psalm 145:18


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