Pax Vobiscum, pilgrims!

Whenever I hear ‘A-ha‘, I always have an image of Steve Coogan’s ‘Alan Patridge‘ duetting with ABBA.  Please don’t ask why.

Anyways, a couple of nights ago at the Indig02,  along comes Mr Morten Harket, formally he of said band ‘A-ha’, strutting his stuff to a crowd of loyal fans, average age 35 me thinks, taking them back to a time when as far as I’m concerned, the fashion stylings were a crime to an innocent generation.  While shooting him, I kept thinking, “Boy, you sure do look like Patrick Swayze.  It’s a good thing you don’t sing like him, though!

Anyway, couple of shots from the night!

Food for Thought & Soul:He who believes in Me, as the Scripture has said, out of his heart will flow rivers of living water‘. —John 7:38

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