Don’t spit on my cupcake and tell me it’s frosting“- The Judge in ‘The Simpsons‘,  Eps 22, Season 13.

Top of the morning, pilgrims!

It would seem that in the world of live music photography, many unscrupulous promoters/musicians/venues are finding ‘inventive’ ways of being thieves. If there was a law to licence ‘Serfdom picture labour’, there would be queues around the block to sign up for this new fangled initiative.

Yesterday saw the very talented, Grammy award winning Anthony Hamilton performing at a very rammed Indig02. To be honest, this was a gig that I was looking forward to.  So, imagine my  ‘surprise’ when I saw this notice when I entered the pit to photograph the show:

Seriously? The show’s about to start in 5 minutes and I see this nonsense?  While they’re at it, why not also claim the air that I breath in for a price? There was no-one around for me to kick a fuss about it, and to be  honest, I don’t believe that there is a legality to said copyright grab.  That said, I still had a job to do, and thus, I improvised.  I went into the crowd, spoke to a group of lovely young ladies who gave up their spot right at the front so that I could shoot the first 2 songs after I explained the situation.

It was unfortunate to see other photographers in the pit shooting, though.  That action alone would set a precedent that the music/venue/promoters would believe that they can control the use of the imagery to their own ends.  I also don’t believe for a second that this ‘Image Grab thievery’ has anything to do with Anthony Hamilton and his team, but rather the promoters of the gig.

Rant aside, what a gig.  Like I said, I was shooting from within the crowd, and when you have screaming female fans dancing all around, it kind of makes it more of a challenge to get the shot. 🙂 Who am I to complain, though?

Like I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, I rarely review a show unless it’s jazz, so sorry, no words from me about the gig rather than me just saying that it was an outstanding gig, and I give it my version of thumbs up!

Food for thought & Soul: The devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. —1 Peter 5:8


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