Wotcha, pilgrims!

I have never been a fan of Heavy Rock/Heavy Metal/Heavy Core. So why I put myself forward to cover this Parkway Drive gig is beyond me.  Maybe I wanted a challenge; maybe I thought I might be getting some ‘musical education’ another sub-culture of music. Maybe I was just being an idjit.

Getting to the Indig02, security gave me some friendly advice: “Expect legs/fluid projectiles/cans/screeching noise coming your way from various directions“.  With that in mind, I got chatting to a couple of fans and I asked them: “On a scale of 1-5, 5 being completely nuts, how intense is this gig going to get?”   Their response: “7!”  That was all I needed to hear.  For the first time in all the years of being a live music photographer, this was the one time that I put my bag and jacket into the cloakroom.  Not only that, why sacrifice the use of good gear to over-enthusiastic fans, when you just as well can stripe down to the basics?  So, away with my usual tools, and hello, my old battered Nikon D200 and 50mm 1:8 lens.  I saw other photographers in the pit with their D3s’, D3’s, Canon 5Ds’; not to mention the expensive lens that comes with it.  Good luck to them was my thought, but I know my limitations.

As for how long I spent in the mosh-pit: Let’s just say that one female security guard got clocked in the nose; crowd-surfing aplenty right up to the stage, and security running back and forth was all the incentive I needed to spend less than 5 minutes in.

I have to admit, shooting on a 1.8 50mm with an ISO640 at f/1.8 between 1/90th-1/180th (manually) is not as easy as it seems…


Oh, I almost forgot: I genuinely tried to listen to some lyrics of any given track, but I just didn’t get it!   Would I shoot a similar gig like this again in the future? Most certainly; as long as I was using someone else gear, of course!

Food for Thought & Soul:It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God”. Hebrews 10:31


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