Wotcha pilgrims!

When I go to a gig as a photographer, I always believe that whatever the musician or artist wears tends to be a visual representation of themselves and their style of music.  I should have known that within the 3 minutes I would be covering the first 1 and 1/2 songs of Ms Keri Hilson during her performance at Indig02, I wasn’t going to enjoy myself.  I guess it kind of started with the ‘Hype’ Dj (I don’t even know his name), but after he dropped the ‘F’ bomb for no apparent reason during his set, I should have known this gig was going to be trying. Quite frankly, he just irritated me.  Nothing annoys me more than a dj talking over the music over and over again.  I mean, there’s hype, and there’s loving your own voice down the mic!  The moment Ms Hilson came on, I swear, the first question I had to ask myself was “Is this the season for young singers to be dressing up in grannie pants/dominatrix clothing to bring sexy back?” I can’t say that I was impressed within the slightest.  Maybe it’s my age; maybe I’m just fed up seeing the the constant sexualisation & objectification of the female body, I don’t know.  I do know that I wasn’t at the gig long enough to actually review the show, but then again, I never truly have enough time to review any show. Don’t forget: for photographers its normally the first 3 (or 2, or I, or if you’re Beyonce, first 30 seconds) songs, and you’re out! The fans loved the show, though. I guess there’ll always going to be a critic.

Anyway, some shots from the night:

©Akin Aworan

©Akin Aworan

©Akin Aworan

©Akin Aworan

©Akin Aworan

Food for Thought & Soul: “That everyone may eat and drink, and find satisfaction in all his toil-this is the gift of God.” –Ecclesiastes 3:13



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