Wotcha, pilgrims!

It seemed like forever, but finally managed alto dash down for the Ginuwine and J.Holiday (Nahum Grymes on his birth certificate) gig at the indigo2, and I barely just made it, after dashing from the Barbican for the Ravi Shanker gig.  As was to be expected, screaming fans aplenty on a ‘school-night‘, with guys acting cool, yet still taking an hour or more to sip down that plastic cup of brandy.    No doubt, times are tight, but if you want to act like the man, it’s going to take more than paying above the premium for alcohol.  Like pulling your trousers up half way from your butt.  I mean, seriously???

So,  I get to the pit and it’s pandemonium down there. It would seem that security was told to let everyone with a camera in and shoot.  Call me elitist, but my gear means a lot to me, and if that means I take only 5 shots and get the hell out without the fear of knowing that my gear has been trampled by near demented fans, then so be it!

Anyway, a couple of shots from the night:

Food for thought & Soul:  ‘The wicked borroweth, and payeth not again, but the righteous shows mercy and gives‘. Psalm 37: 21


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