Top of the morning, pilgrims.

Yesterday was the start of this year’s Alchemy Festival at the South Bank Centre, celebrating many things Indian & UK inter-related.  If there’s one gig this year so far for me that has been a Wow-and this isn’t even jazz!! has got to be yesterday’s opening performance by the Raghu Dixit project.  I shot the guys last year at Jazz Cafe, and once again, it was a treat and privilege seeing them in action on a bigger stage at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, London.  I said back then that they are an outstanding band and not far off from winning a Grammy, and by how they near literally ripped open the rafters at QEH, they’re not far off.  These guys are always a joy to shoot live. They have a raw energy about them that comes out from their singing and instruments that just channel  positive vibes through their music, and by God, some more established ‘acts’ could take a cue from how humble these boys are! 🙂  It was an awesome gig (well, most of what I could watch, unfortunately!), and if the Queen herself were there, she’d be shaking her Royal derrière!:

Raghu Dixit on guitars:

Gaurav Vaz on Bass:

Vijay Joseph on electric guitar:

Chandru Jois on Violin:


I have to make my apologies for not being able to get any shots of the drummer, which is a damn shame, considering the beats he was churning out. Sorry, dude.  I also missed Gauri Sharma Tripathi’s performance with the guys due to another engagement. Heard that was amazing!

One other additional thing I must add is this: the band’s music was so uplifting and influenced by the folk sounds and poetry of Bangalore, I swear I could have turned Bangalorean first, then Indian. 🙂

Food for Thought & the Soul: ‘You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on You.’-Isaiah 26:3


8 thoughts on “Raghu Dixit project

  1. Akin! These pictures are incredible and you are way too kind but I certainly hope all that you wish for happens 🙂

    Looking forward to meeting you soon and continuing our discussions on Jazz Bass players!

    – Gaurav

  2. Akin. Great pictures, and thanks for sharing them. ’tis a pity you had to leave so early and miss the rest of the show.

  3. Hello Akin,

    Nice to have stumbled upon your blog. Like it a lot. Raghu Dixit Project facebook page shared this page, and I am glad they did.
    I have been a great fan of RDP, Raghu and his band are great performers. I liked the way you have put the words “I would have turned Bangalorean first and then Indian.” It feels extremely proud for being a Bangalorean Indian and hear that. Thanks for pics. May your piligrimage take you everywhere.

    Cheers !


  4. It was a Night filled with expectation….Raghu and his band defnitely did not dissapoint. I have attended lot of Raghu’s gigs in Bangalore….this one special for lot of reasons. We feel very proud of your band’s achievement Raghu!!!! Keep the ball rolling sky is the limit

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