Pax, Pilgrims!

I’m not a fan of Male Jazz Vocalists.  fact!  There’s just something unsavoury about that musical line of work.  I’ll even go as far as saying this much: I can’t stand Frank Sinatra.  Nope: not a a fan. Yes, I might sing along to “New York, New York”, and “Come Fly with Me”, but that’s it!   For me,  lady jazz singers will always have my vote, but their male counterparts? That would have to be a Nay!!!  Sure, if they’re playing an instrument while singing, I have no qualms with that: Louis Armstrong, Nat King Cole (Legend!!!), George Benson, Chet Baker all come to mind.  Even Al Jarreau and Bobby McFerrin can get away with it because they ‘Scat’, and that’s a good enough a musical instrument in my opinion, irrespective of semantics!   I guess my ‘phobia’, if you will, has probably come from my watching couple of wedding receptions in the past  and hearing a truly awful cacophonic male vocalist just crucify repeatedly all the jazz hits again and again.

That being the case, there are a few guys that have pulled off the art of male jazz vocalisation, and Kurt Elling just happens to be one of them.  There’s just something about Mr Elling that puts me at ease when I see him perform.  Not only has the guy major musical talent, he seems to be having fun just opening his mouth and singing!  Tonight at the Barbican, he hosted a show of 2 performances: one with his band and special guests Richard Galliano on accordion and Tommy Smith on Sax; the other half was with the Scottish National Jazz Orchestra, unfortunately, I couldn’t stay for that part of the show.  However, here are shots from the first half:

Have  a great night, pilgrims. God Bless!

Food for Thought & Soul: I have heard of You by the hearing of the ear, but now my eye sees You.’Job 42:5



One thought on “Kurt Elling at the Barbican, London

  1. I feel exactly the same way – there are not many male jazz singers I like. But Kurt Elling is the exception! I wish I’d been at this gig. Thanks for the photos.

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