Top of the morning, Pilgrims!

Well, first music gig of the year for me took place 2 nights at Indigo2, and God, have I missed it! Photographers jousting for a good position within cramped positions; inhaling lungfuls of artificial smoke; 2 primary colours that tend to make you cry if not properly lit: Blue & Red! Let’s not forget the golden ‘3 rules & your Out!’ rule. Ahhh, such fun and games.

Thin Lizzy is one of those bands that when you were younger you never really took the time to listen to their stuff, but the older you get, you hear a couple of tracks every now & then and think, “Ok, I could work with that!” I saw an interesting documentary on BBC4 a couple of nights ago about the band and I have just this to say: “Kids, stay off the sauce!!”

The death of founder and lead singer Phil Lynott some 21 years hasn’t deter the band from still going on, and they still have a loyal following, so kudos to them!  With the history of Thin Lizzy being as it is, there was bound to be additional new members to replace the old, so in comes Ricky Warwick from The Almighty;

Scott Gorham:


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