It’s that time of the year where everyone either dry-cleans their glad rags or goes out to spend a fortune on a new frock. Yes, the time for awards to just about anything is upon us.  There are awards for just about anything.  There’s even a  ‘Loo of the Year Award’.  Hey, don’t knock it!  Don’t read this with a high & mighty look like you  haven’t done your business this morning in the toilet.  If there’s one product that ought to be celebrated and commended, it’s the humble loo.  So,  raise a glass up to a contraption that takes our crap literally every single day!

I was asked a couple of days ago whether I’d be staying up to watch the Golden Globes awards.  Now, why would I want to watch the Golden Globes or Oscars, any awards, in particular, entertainment  for that matter? First off, it’s normally around ‘stupid 0’clock’ hour which tends to fall into a Monday morning. I don’t know about you, but I got bills to pay, and me staying up just to watch the awards isn’t giving me a pay-cheque.  Also, don’t get me started about the looks of ‘suprise’ on the winner faces.  They’re actors! They’ve got the ‘Suprised look‘ down to a fine art!  Besides, have you put any money on the nominees in the office sweepstakes? Are said nominees going to give you a shout out personally for staying up and sending ‘positive’ vibes their way?  I’ve  heard stories of people actually staying up just to bitch about the clothes worn on the Red Carpet.  I mean, seriously?

I’m a huge movie buff, but you can’t pay me enough (actually, you could, if the price is right, which would thus contradict my earlier point) to stay up.  Nay, I say!!  I’m not going to be a sucker for staying up again. I did once and everyone I thought was going to win didn’t, lost my bet, and I went into work grouchy like Oscar.

With all that said, though, some of the actors and crew are really good at what they do, so credit to where credit is due.

Besides, if there’s a absolute for a winner, it’ll have to be Colin Firth for ‘The King’s Speech’. I could be wrong. Everyone thought Mickey Rourke would win for ‘The Wrestler’, and I still don’t believe Samuel L Jackson has forgiven the Academy for bypassing him for ‘Pulp Fiction.

**Post Note** Well, it’s about 7am and I’ve just broken one of my golden rules of not reading the news before 8am. Why start the day by reading such negativity?  Anyway, as expected, Colin Firth did win the award, and I always knew that Christian Bale would win for ‘The Fighter’.  Kudos to them and all the other winners.  There you have it: I had a good night’s sleep all the same and by hearing the results now hasn’t made any difference to my well being.

Pax vobiscum!!


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