Wotcha, Pilgrims!

So I was thinking that it’s been a while since I’ve written a random blog which has nothing to do with pictures! Damn it, I miss that.  Why should I have to wait for a gig to come up before I can express myself in pure off the cuff remarks via words? Come to think of it,  why should I?  So, in the spirit of going back to the ye old days of when I would just blog for the fun of it & life’s observations, I’m bring back ‘Pix-Less‘ (it’s just a working title for now). It’ll be about anything random, pictorial, spiritual, political, entertainment, wisdom, foolishness;  you name it.

Thus,  let’s start off by talking about food, why don’t we? I was having one of those ‘about nothing’ chats with the missus, and somehow we came to the topic of eating animals which aren’t always on the menu within the UK.  I presented the argument that  whenever Africans make a meal out of certain animals, it’s seen as barbaric, and  destroying species.    Not that I condone the killing of certain animals, but let’s be honest: people have got to eat, and there’s a huge difference between poaching for ivory and aphrodisiacs,  and eating to live.   It’s not like things are rosy in parts of Africa at the moment.  I remember coming across this picture essay by David Chancellor, which should give you an idea of where I’m coming from.

Then I’m told that eating unfamiliar animals is disgusting.  I guess that’s a matter of taste, no pun intended.  Growing up back home in Nigeria, I used to catch frogs by the stream and do the next best thing: eat them.  My wife gave me this look of disgust. I guess she had an image of me eating Kermit.  “Now, hang on”, says I. ” when the French make frog legs and give it an exotic name, it’s seen as a delicacy.  When an African makes ’em, it’s seen as part of the ‘Road-kill collective‘!”

Yes, pilgrims: I do miss writing about these pix-less random stuff!!


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