Hello, pilgrims!

The music season is finally coming to an end for us live gig photographers in London, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop.  Just a couple of nights ago there was a gathering of amazing female vocal talent at The Rich Mix, London, showcasing  musical genres ‘inter-influenced’ (is that even a word? It just seems like a kosher word!) from around the world, but namely the Subcontinent, Europe and anywhere else deemed inspirational to their music.

We had Susheela Raman:

May I just say, right off the bat, that there’s form of sensuality about her when she performs.  If  you’ve ever seen her perform, you’ll know exactly what I’m on about:

We also had multi-talented (she writes her own material, acts, etc ) singer Karen David.  She came on, despite having a cold, and bam!! Hello, nurse; did she also put on a great performance:

The first time I heard Sanchita Farruque, I thought: she can sing like that??? I mean, her style of singing initially reminded me of Anastacia.  Remember when you first heard her on the airwaves and thought, “Boy, this black woman can sing!“, only for you to realise that it was actually a white lady working her lungs out like that.  Right there and then I realised never to assume certain things.  Sanchita reminds me of Aretha Franklin and yes, this young lady can sing and then some:

Other singers on the night were Sandhya Sanjana:

Rita Morar:

and Nila Raja :

Yessir: Asian sisters are doing it for themselves, indeed!  After hearing most of the performance from this gig, I’ve come to the conclusion once again that there is so much valid and creative talent out there, and yet people are still buying into the X-Factor tripe. For shame! Brief Soapbox rant over!

Have a good night, pilgrims!

Food for Soul & Thought: ” Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for things of itself.  Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.”Matthew 6: 34


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