Pax Vobiscum, pilgrims!

It was a case of deciding what gig to cover: either a jazz concert on the other side of town, or Public Enemy at the Indigo O2. Thanks to London Underground’s maintenance work, it was a no-brainer:

I’m not really a fan of hip-hop, but there are some tracks you grew up listening to which are still classic.  ‘Fight the Power‘, anyone?

Probably because I’m old school, but it was great going to a gig where you’re not swallowed up by an unnecessary ‘Hype MC‘ (is that what they call ’em?), young ‘hippity-hop’ whippersnappers just shouting “Make some *&$%^@ing noise!!!!!!” every 3 seconds to make up for their lack of lyrical creativity.  No, what the audience got was vintage hip-hop and probably their near full money’s worth.  What most of the photographers got, however, was Chuck D either covering his head with a hoodie or with a baseball cap. I mean, this could have been anyone in this next shot:

With Flavor Flav on the other hand, you’ll know it’s him:

We salute you, ye legends of the hip-hop!!

Food for Thought & Soul: For a dream comes through the multitude of business; and a fool’s voice is known by multitude of words.‘ -Ecclesiastes 5:3

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