Vobiscum, pilgrims!

This year’s 2010 London Jazz Festival kicked off today all over the capital.  Over 200 gigs within 10 days.  Nice! So, it’s a damn shame that you just physically cannot be at every performance. Try as they have, those boffined poindexters are yet to create a teleportation device solely for jazz heads. So, in the absence of said device, it was a question of improvisational running between venues, as  two musical greats were performing at roughly the same time: Hugh Masekela at the Royal Festival Hall, and Manu Katché at the Queen Elizabeth Hall.  Both gigs were more or less sold out, so I guess that gives you an idea of what you may have missed out on:

Hugh Masekela:

Shooting Manu Katche was more of a lighting challenge to say the least. I’ve never whacked up the ISO of my camera to 6400-H.10 in a while, until tonight. Oh, well:

Right, that’s if for now. Next up: Esperanza Spalding tomorrow night. Good times, people. 🙂


One thought on “London Jazz Festival 2010: Hugh Masekela, Manu Katché at the Southbank

  1. Great pictures. Manu K came over as a really endearing character just a shame couldn’t see his face or those of his band.I was about 2/3 back from stage behind sound desk. Whilst the lighting added to the atmosphere I do at times like to see the facials of performers, whilst I’m there to listen to the music seeing the expressions of the creators brings another dimension to the performance and the dark lighting at QEH was detrimental to an otherwise great concert.

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