Pax pilgrims!

Whenever I hear the name ‘Mark Ronson’, here’s what springs to mind:

  • Uber-talented producer with a penchant for uber-collaborating.
  • Amy Winehouse screaming via Twitter: “You’re dead ta me!”.   For some idea of what her rant was about, check here.

So a probable guest appearance at Ronson’s Hackney Empire gig was out of the question for Ms. Winehouse.  I doubt he’d have lost sleep over that, considering he ended up having Boy George and Duran-Duran.  Of course, being ‘togs and all, we’re kicked out by the end of the 3rd song, so here are some of the shots I got from my cramped position.

I have no idea who the guy on the mic is, so will have to get back to you all with this info!

Nor do I have any idea who this dude is as well…

In all, a good gig but it would have helped if Mark Ronson came to the front of the stage!  And as for his new peroxided quiffed hairdo, it just kept reminding me of ‘Stripe‘ from ‘Gremlins!

Pax vobiscum!


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