Wotcha, pilgrims!

Let’s be honest: every now and then we go to see a band not just because of the music, but more so for the front(wo)man.  Destiny’s Child: Beyonce; Queen: Freddie MercuryThem Crooked Vultures/Foo Fighters: Dave Grohl; Jackson 5: Michael Jackson.  It’s as simple as that. It’s not that all the other members of the team aren’t pulling their weight: they’re just not ‘it‘.

Which brings me to to this evening’s gig at Relentless Garage.  I had no idea who ‘Grinderman’ is, and I still have no idea.  However, I do know who the Aussie Antipodean Nick Cave is, and that’s only by mates who are die-hard fans of his.  Do I know any of Mr. Nick Cave’s songs? No.  Have I ever heard any of his material with ‘The Bad Seeds‘. Probably not, although come to think of it, an old colleague used to blast some Nick Cave stuff in the office years ago. I did hear the  score he wrote for the film ‘The Proposition‘, but for the life of me I couldn’t even hum a single note from that film if my life depended on it.  What I do know is this: when you’re told that you have only have time to shoot the gig within one track (3-4 minutes long; how I long for the days of Fela Kuti and James Brown: the first track could go on for about 15 minutes!!), with insufficient lighting, it’s a question of ‘photographic triage’ and cranking the ‘ISO’ to 11. So, no offence to the other members of the band, but if you’re not Mr. Cave, and you’re not in the frame, then you’re fresh out of luck!!:

My thoughts about the gig, despite only being around for 4 minutes max? Meh! Not my cup of tea, to be honest. He has a great stage presence and all, but I just don’t get that kind of music. It’s just a preference thing.  That said, do you think I’d say that to his face:

Yeah, I didn’t think so, either!

Food for Thought & Soul: “Let not your heart be troubled.”- John 14:1

Pax Vobiscum, pilgrims!


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