Pax Vobiscum, Pilgrims.

First off, I’d like to take this opportunity to sincerely apologise to Mr. Lewis for the ‘over-enthusiam’ of some of my fellow photographers yesterday at St. Luke’s, London.  They should have know better. If a musician is performing solo at an intimate setting, logic dictates that you respect not only him, but also the audience.  Stay out of way, time your shot & for God’s sake, shoot from a distance.  Robert Capa’s maxim of ‘If your pictures are not good enough, you’re not close enough‘ doesn’t necessarily work all the time.  Try pulling a stunt like that with Keith Jarrett or Philip Glass; I double dare you.   If ever there was a moment that my cringe dial was cranked up to 11, it was just seeing how the guys were all over the place, snapping away just to get the ‘shot’.  It was more subtle  ‘ pap ‘ than ‘pro’ attitude.   I think Mr. Lewis was actually very generous in politely requesting for photographers not come behind him during the performance. Even the audience applauded that request.  Had Mr. Lewis had asked them to lynch us, they’d have done so with gutso!  We all know how audiences hate photographers, and considering much tickets cost for anything these days, why let certain nuisances disturb their fun?

To be honest, I didn’t enjoy the show because of how the situation turned out. Don’t get me wrong: it was an honour and privilege to hear a legend at work, but with a gig that quiet and you happen to be working , you want to leave within 3 minutes.  I left after 5 to make my way to the Barbican for the Bela Fleck, Edgar Meyer & Zakir Hussain collaboration.

Once again Mr. Lewis: sorry. 😦


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