Wotcha, Pilgrims!

You can always tell the nature of a gig based on certain tell-tales. For starters, the security that’s set in place that includes the police and a metal detector. Another sign is obvious: the fans with their version of sub-cultural Socio-dress code: the men sporting shades in a dark venue whilst wearing trousers that decide to take a journey further South, while the pants ride the Northern line along the crest of your butt-line. Must be some rite of passage silliness. Let’s not also forget the deliberate, put-upon limp that perfectly healthy young boys swagger with.    There are other  key indicators that determine which way the gig is going.  Take for instance the commands of the MCs: If you have to incessantly shout “Make some noise!!!”, two things come to mind: first, you’re trying way too hard to compensate for the lack of decent musical material that you could offer, hence the need to plug the leak in your creative deficit hole.  Secondly, people pay good money to see a gig, not for a group vocal work out. Damn it: you make some noise!!

Finally, a tell-tale sign that personally riles me up is this: starting the concert late! If the artist is scheduled to start at one time slot and doesn’t bother coming out for about another 40 minutes, that’s enough to tick anyone off.

Which brings me to the question: what did I think of the Fablous gig,  based on what I’ve written so far? Mediocre doesn’t even begin to describe it. I left after 5 minutes of him coming on, and according to Twitter feeds, he was on for about 30 minutes. If you paid good money for all that, well…….

Right: I’ve learnt my lesson: If it’s Hip-Hop, then just hop out!! Good night, pilgrims!!


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