Every now and then, you get to not only take shots, but also enjoy the gig within a quiet, chilled and relaxed setting.  Since Ronnie Scott’s only allows ‘Getty’ photographers and Jazz Cafe have a policy to charge photographers to shoot  gigs, it’s nice to work at a venue with no hassle.  It’s been a while since I covered a gig at Spice of Jazz, so when I was asked whether I could come and shoot a performance without the hassle, I thought: “Sure. Why not?”

It was supposed to be a quartet, but it ended up being a trio in the first half of the performance with Alex Webb on Piano, Gary Crosby on Double Bass and Andrew Chapman on drums. I have no idea who the 4th person was going to be.  Joining the band was a young and very talented vocalist by the name of Alexander Stewart, whom I believe is going places.  The gig started with a jazzed up version of a Stevie Wonder track, followed by covers from Blondie, Frank Sinatra and a composition by Alex Webb.  I couldn’t stay for the second part of the show, but from what I’d witnessed I knew I was going to miss the rest of an already interesting jazz treat.

Dominus Vobiscum, pilgrims!


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