You’ve got to love Londoners: All it takes is for a weather forecaster to predict some sunshine with temperatures topping a maximum of 19 degrees in the middle of April, and it’s time to remove the shackles of cardigans and heavy coats and replace them with slippers,  shorts and cleavage galore! Guys, it’s not even summer yet!! Yes, we have been starved of warmth and sun for the better part of 7 months, but damn! That said, the sun shining in these parts of the world is as rare as placing bets on a unicorn during the Grand National.

On a lighter note, went to cover Australian Rock band, The Triffids, at the Barbican. Apparently, these guys are legends among their Aussie Countrymen.  I was told that the gig was going to last for about 3 hours with no interval.  Now, I like music like the next live music photographer, but I just couldn’t imagine numbing my derrierre for anyone for that long a period.  There was going to be a host of special guests, but my brief was to shoot The Triffids, and The Triffids were whom I was going to shoot, damn it!  By the time the gig finishes, I’d have gotten home, filed the images to my agency and written up this blog.  Anyway, Enjoy 🙂 :

I did manage to take pictures of Dev Hynes, he of ‘Lightspeed Champion’.  He did open the show, so I had an advantage:

Pax Vobiscum, pilgrims!


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