Pax Vobiscum Pilgrims!

My agency called me yesterday and asked whether I wanted to cover either Ronan Keating (He of Boyzone), or a line up of artists celebrating songs about London at the Barbican.  First off, I don’t care much for Boy-bands or their solo-ventures, so I thought I’d give Ronan K a wide berth, thank you very much (Nothing Personal, RK!).

I’m not going to lie to you: I honestly thought that the SITKL gig was going to be as boring The Rouge’s Gallery gig 2 years ago (Nearly 3 hours of sea shanties! Oh, the humanity!)  Let me just say that I was sorely mistaken.  It could be because I’ve become a Londoner at heart that I could relate to the songs, I don’t know, but it’s safe to say that despite the duration of the gig, it was really an eclectic mixture of music genres in presenting some of London’s finest anthems. I never thought I’d even admit to this, but I actually liked some of the Folk songs, and I can’t stand Folk Music!

All the musicians were either bona-fide or adopted Londoners and you could even tell just from their performances.  Only shame was that they never did play my all time favourite ‘City’ track, ‘London Calling’ by The Clash. Anyway, in no particular order of appearance from the line up, here are the pictures:

Suggs with Chas Smash:

Blaine Harrison:

Derek Hussey:

Elvis Costello:

Peggy Sue:

Robyn Hitchcock:

Becky Jacobs and Mike Lindsay:

Natty & Phil Daniels:

Jools Holland and Suggs:

Kathyrn Williams:

James Hunter:

The finale (had to go to the back of the auditorium using the 70-200. Oh, how I want a 300mm f.2.8. One day very soon…..):

That’s it! Have a blessed day, pilgrims!

(All Images are copyrighted to Pixgremlin aworan. That means you should please contact me if you want to use the shot on your web page or such.  Because the pictures come up via google images does not mean that it’s visual All You Can Eat Buffett!)


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