Vobiscum, pilgrims.

Have you ever had an instance when you’ve had your camera ready to capture a beautiful work of nature that you’re so caught up in the majesty of the sight to behold that, rather than just take the shot, you stand in awe and appreciation?  And yet, somehow, even if you don’t have that image recorded on file, it’s still powerful enough to remain in your memory?  We’ve all encountered it: the setting of a blood-shot sun in the horizon; a full moon with stars clustered in a wonderful constellation in the sky that’s so bright that it can light up the neighbourhood (trust me on that particular example; if you’ve ever lived where there’s a constant power drop, you notice nature in all it’s beauty at night!).  No matter the example, there are instances that you visualise and capture with your eyes and memories in tandem that will always supercede technology.

So remember: although it’s great to record memories, there are times we should just take a step back and enjoy nature.  And while you’re at it, play in your mind Louis Armstrong’s ‘A Wonderful World‘.  Ohhh, Yeaaahhhh!!

Pax, guys!


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