Vobiscum pilgrims!

Maybe I’ve got the wrong kind of stereotyping going on,  but I think that there are 2 schools of Hip-hop, in my opinion: first you have the commercialised ‘Yeah-Yeah-Yeah‘ yahoos with pants down, blinged to the high heavens in ostentatious fashion, and only just sing about women and money & such. Personally, I think they should expel everyone from that school and the principal fired!  Then there’s  the other school of talent that I’ve been told by real connoisseurs of hip-hop music to check out.

Talib Kweli is an amazing poet, make no mistake about it. He’s from the same school of creatives that talk about socio-economic situations, and that’s why he’ll always get my vote.

That said, though, but when it comes to the live performance from most hip-hop artists, I have no idea what they are saying.  It’s like a whole new linguistical Pandora’s box that only the true hard-core fans understand.  Talib would say one thing and the crowd would respond with a loud shout, and I’d be wondering, “What did he just say??

Anyway, what do I know about hip-hop? I can’t say it’s like Marmite, because I do enjoy some hip-hop; more like broccoli: the older you get, sometimes you realise certain vegs are good for you. 🙂

Pax guys!

All Images are copyrighted to Pixgremlin aworan. That means you should please contact me if you want to use the shot on your web page or such.  Because the pictures come up via google images does not mean that it’s visual All You Can Eat Buffett!


One thought on “Talib Kweli at the Indigo 02, London

  1. Haha I totally get what you’re saying about the hip-hop language barrier. I’ve been to a few of Talib’s shows and although they’re always great shows, some words went right past my head even though the audience understood them perfectly. I even have a picture of my sister hugging his leg during one of the shows haha.

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