Vobiscum, Pilgrims!

It’s been nearly 2 months, but I finally did my first live music gig in ages! It was a elegant gig to kick the music year off, and God, am I thankful for that. You know how it is: If you don’t do something for a while, you kind of fumble for a bit before you get back into the swing of things.  Of course, time is never a luxury during live music photography, so you just have to improvise with the situation. 🙂

So yesterday at the Royal Festival Hall was the start of a two day residency of famous Fado singer, Mariza:

My God, this woman is sexy! Not only that, her singing is amazing and she’s also the kind of stage musician photographers love for 2 distinct reasons: her lighting crew give us sufficient lighting to work with; and secondly, she has such a powerful voice that it drowns out the mirror-shutter release on the cameras (To those not in the know, that would be the annoying ‘clicking’ noise‘!).

Did I also mention that she’s sexy? 🙂



One thought on “Mariza at the Royal Festival Hall, London

  1. Excellent photos! I especially like the second one.

    Would you kindly give us permission to publish them (and any others you might have)on our blog? We will place a link to this page and add your wordpress name as well of course.

    Glad to hear you enjoyed the concert!

    Best wishes,


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