Pax, Pilgrims, this lovely Friday Morning!

I’m a huge comic/graphic novel fan.  I mean: Huge! I’m a big fan of Eric Powell’s The Goon, most graphic novels from either Vertigo or Marvel. I Can’t stand DC Comics (observe the use of a capital ‘C’), and trying to get into the ‘Blackest Night’ Saga has got to be the worst visual waste of my time!

So, with my obsession for graphic comics, it’s got me thinking: maybe I could come up with a character parody  set within the photography realm. Now, I can’t draw to save my life, but maybe I can improvise. In the meantime, I need to come up with a character name. Let’s see: Pixman‘, ‘Pixdude‘, ‘The Pix have already been taken and are registered trademark names.  Peter Parker? (I smell lawsuits from Marvel/Disney!) How about Snapper-Pix? (WORST-CHARACTER-NAME-EVER!).   Pixgremlin? (dude, you already write under that name!)

Finding a name is hard, so rather than that, how about go for a title like:  ‘He Who Pixs ™’.  Actually, that might just work! I mean, if it could work for Sergio Leone with ‘The Man with No Name‘ Spaghetti movies, then I reckon it could work for me.

So: we have a name. What’s his purpose & motivation? Well , it can’t just be for a free credit, that’s for damn sure.  I’ll have to come back and flesh that out for a bit. I reckon he should also have a catchphrase; maybe something like: “I’m not cheap, damn it!!”

How about a lair? The Batman has a batcave, and since I’m yet to meet any millionaire photographers who could even compete with the fictional Bruce Wayne (Annie Leibovitz does not count!), then ‘He Who Pixs ™’ would have his base of operations from a pixdesk armed with a knackered macbook pro, terrible broadband connection & ‘Can-just-about-to-afford-this year’s new-release’ of gear‘.

Like all superheroes, he should have a trigger that sets him off, a bit like The Hulk.  ‘He Who Pixs ™’ could be enraged whenever he hears, “We don’t have a budget, but…” He fights for the justice of photographers world wide; his nemeses would be Google Images & PR Agencies.

I just might me on to something with the creation of ‘He Who Pixs ™’.   All I need now is a theme tune…..


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