Pax vobiscum!

Ask any number of bona fide live music photographers what tends to be a daily struggle for them within in their sphere of profession, and their ‘Uno Numero‘ gripe would be the palaver in getting a photo pass for certain gigs. In many instances you have to procure said photo pass from the PR team handling the client.  Now, in all fairness, these guys have only a limited number of passes, so they have decide who’s more relevant in promoting their client, hence ‘Press Access Triage‘, or PAT,  as I like to call it.  Many are very, very helpful and will do all they can to accomodate everyone.  That said, there will always be a couple of PR companies & record labels out there (You KNOW who you are!) that, no matter how much you go on your knees via email to get a photo pass, they won’t give you access.  They won’t even give you the time of day to even read said email, I believe. They just leave you hanging, and that really hurts! **Sob-Sob!!**

So, it always makes me laugh when said PR bods send you an email ‘requesting your presence for the opportunity’ (I love how they ‘word’their press release to photographers!!) to shoot a photo call of some of their new clients. In some releases, it’s like a shouting order. And no, it’s not from the goodness of their heart that they’ve finally acknowledged your existence by contacting you; rather, it’s normally for 2 reasons:

* To create an illusion to the client that they can get the media outlets for maximum exposure.

*In the vain hope that they can ‘sweet-talk’ any sap of a photographer to pass on the shots to them at limited costs (i.e. nothing!) in exchange for free publicity.

Are you serious?? So, because ‘I’m a moron with no sense of worth‘, I’d be a schmuck to give up my time for you when it’s convenient for you, but when I request something as straightforward as a photo-pass (which, by the way, limits me to either 1-2 song duration with no flash and treated like a goat in many instances that I’m not even going to number!), you won’t give me the time of day?

Kids, just say no! If you’re really desperate for photopasses, then go to about 50-100 of these gatherings and maybe, just maybe, you may finally get that pass for a 2-minute duration.

To end this blog, I leave you with the words of Sun Tzu to give you an idea on how to deal with situations like this in the future: ‘Know thy enemy and know yourself, and in 1000 battles, you will not be defeated!’



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