Pax Vobiscum, Pilgrims!

It’s a cold Saturday Morning, so what better way to spend the morning than go to the local newsagent and grab a copy of your favourite broadsheet? I have to admit that when it comes to using an image to it’s fullest potential, the paper that gets top marks in the UK has to be The Guardian.  Should I ever get to meet the Picture Editor, I’d like to shake his hand, and that of the art director.  It’s always a fulfiling to see an image used to its full potential in published form. Check out the Sports pages and see Sports Photographer Tom Jenkins favourite pictures from 2009. As an added bonus, you’ll also get to see what settings were used to capture these amazing shots.  If you’re a print snob, then go here to satisfy your pixel fix.

That aside, If you have a moment, humour me by buying a broadsheet this week and compare how imagery is used within that platform compared to online presence.  To the harbingers of doom bellowing the death call to print, I say to you: Hush!  Maybe my generation will be the last to appreciate the old guard of paper journalism, but I reckon we ought to teach the young upstarts that in their digital future, there is nothing wrong in paper usage and it can work side by side with online presence.

In other news, The NUJ (Go, team!) have won an apology and damages for a photojournalist from the police. For more on that story, check here.

Right: A.M soapbox rant over.  I leave you with the words of the Master tactician, Sun Tzu: “Remember, there is no universal principle in winning a war!”


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