Greetings, fellow pixtorial pilgrims!

2010!, well, we can’t say that it was going to creep up on us. With all the challenges and ‘surprises’ we had in 2009, this year, by the grace of God, can only be better.  From a photography perspective, I’ve made these resolutions up that I hope to see through (I did put these up on Twitter yesterday, but I’m thinking, “Hey! Why not recycle these lines again?”):

  • Write a strong worded letter to the Big Wigs at Nikon if they come up with any new release at premium costs!
  • If I see the police while taking pictures, just don’t let on that I’m Nigerian!
  • Read up on the legal side of things when it comes to photography in the UK;  Because you never know!
  • Use my camera as a swinging mace if anyone wants free images!
  • Try & convince the head honchos at Google to start charging people who steal images of the web.
  • Make more of an effort to write blogs daily, even if I don’t have any pictures to go with the story.
  • Try to update my Flickr account!
  • Not to stress myself out if I don’t get a photopass.  Remember: Many music acts (Note how I don’t say musicians!) come & go, but photographers are always around!

From a spiritual perspective, I sense that this year is going to be tougher and we are going to need all the support we need. So, whether you believe in God or not, here’s a scripture keep to heart: “Be not afraid of sudden fear, neither of the desolation of the wicked, when it cometh.  For the Lord shall be thy confidence, and shall keep thy foot from being takenProverbs 3-25-26

That’s about it, for now! Have a great and blessed 2010, everyone.


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