Pax, Pilgrims!

So far, the reviews for this year’s London Jazz festival 2009 have sang nothing but praises for all acts, and I’m inclined to agree with most of their comments. Day 4 of the Jazz season took a vocal turn yesterday at the Royal Festival Hall.  It was the turn of Acapella-fused beatbox group ‘Naturally 7′ (that’s the best way to describe them) to take the stage.  I’d already shot them earlier this year at the Barbican, and to be honest, I think I did a better job then taking their pictures than I did this time around:

I guess I didn’t really enjoy the gig because I had a time limit to shoot, and unlike other music venues, you just can’t up and whizz back and forth snapping shots and blocking the view of  paying customers.

Pictorially, I’d give myself 1 out of 5, so no excuses.  I guess you can’t always get what you want.  As for Naturally 7, of the 5 minutes I heard, these guys are going places.



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