Wotcha ye lovely pilgrims out there..

It’s that time of the year when it just gets darker and the days shorter, with limited time to do anything.  Thus I find myself in the same situation with blogging and such.  As a matter of fact, in an hour and bit I have to dash down to the Barbican for the Richard Bona gig.

So, without further ado, here are shots taken from the Grizzly Bear and London Symphony Orchestra gig last Saturday and Efterklang with the Britten Sinfonia that took place last Wednesday.  Music was interesting, but that’s all I can say about that!

Grizzly Bear :

Grizzly Bear with the London Symphony Orchestra, Barbican. Pixgr

GB with the LSO (You can just about make some of the Orchestra. That’s what happens when you wear black to a black background. 🙂 )

Grizzly Bear with the London Symphony Orchestra

Grizzly Bear with the London Symphony Orchestra

And here are some shots of Efterklang with the Britten Sinfonia:

pixgremlin_aworan_Efterklang & Britten Sinfonia_AKN_4756

Efterklang & Britten Sinfonia

Since I genuinely believe that the Barbican will not create a photographer’s pit (“This isn’t just any venue, my dear!!”), what are the odds that Santa would get me a 500mm lens F/4 for Christmas?

For a more indepth review of both gigs, go to the Guardian review here for the Efterklang gig , and here for the Grizzly Bear gig.


One thought on “Grizzly Bear with the LSO & Efterklang with Britten Sinfonia

  1. Grizzly bear were ace that times review reads like a grumpy old man—the5/5 review from the independent was a better representative review

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