Pixtorial Salutations, ye pilgrims!

Another evening, another gig, and thus I find myself at HMV Hammersmith Apollo to cover Indie Rock band, The Editors. Apart from the fact that I know nothing at all about their music, they’re one of those bands that, let’s be honest based on my first time experience with them, all eyes are on the lead singer, Tom Smith.  A challenge for  every live music photographer trying to get the whole band in the frame of your shot within limited shooting space in the pit, unless you snap from an angle with enough leg room.  And what’s with the extreme blue lighting & smoke machine???  I kept thinking, “Any second now, I’m going to find myself in the ocean or something!”:

The Editors at HMV Apollo

It’s all about atmosphere and the lighting did get better…eventually:

The Editors at HMV Apollo

I even managed to go mono…for a change:

The Editors at HMV Apollo

But no matter how I tried, with the limited time limit to shoot, I just couldn’t get the whole band, except for Mr. Tom Smith.  Sorry, guys:

The Editors at HMV Apollo, London Oct 23 2009

All in all, it was an interesting evening. I got to hear some interesting music, played catch up with photographer buddies of mine, and the evening just wouldn’t be complete without dealing with the obligatory jobsworth in the form of security.  Yes, you guys are doing a bang up job ensuring that nothing goes wrong  and such, but getting drunk on the dregs of your pseudo-elevation for a 2 hour period is just a clear indication you need to go rehab. You know who you are: Go sober up!

Right, rant over. Pax vobiscum!

© All images Pixgremlin Aworan.


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