Pictorially, that is.  Although, after being shown some Youtube clips of some early contenders….

It seems to be that silly season again where you just can’t avoid anything to do with the music talent show,  X-Factor.  Be it via giant billboards with a red ‘X’ marking the spot, to the continually twitter live feeds over the weekend of everyone being armchair judges scrutinising everything about the contestants, it’s all X-Factor, making Simon Cowell laughing all the way to the bank, again.  I can safely guarantee that even when I walk into the office this morning, there’ll be a highlight review on most peoples lips about the weekend’s show.

Personally, I’ve never been one for  any of these music programmes. My brother and his girlfriend, though, are huge fans.  So this weekend, while on a visit, it was obligatory to watch Saturday’s proceedings.  I have to admit, I can now see why this show is a big hit.  I wish I could say that all the performers are talented, but my dear God,  how the Twins, John & Edward have made it this far will be mysterious as the Bermuda Triangle!

As I’m watching the show, I got asking myself: whom would I like to shoot during a live performance? Sure, you might be able to sing like a Cherub but visually be as bland as Tofu. Based on natural showmanship, which of these performers, on account of  my one time viewing of the X-Factor, would I want to photograph?  So, on a scale of 1-5, ‘5‘ being a definite and ”1‘ being a “Hell, no!”,  here’s what I think:

Jamie Archer: 4 ½ (That Afro swings the vote !)

Rachel Adedeji: 3 (She’s like a Rhianna-Lite in action!)

Miss Frank: 3

Lucie Jones: 2  (She’s too stiff for my liking, visually)

Danyl Johnson: 3½  (I just see my lens drenched in spit!)

Stacey Solomon: 4½  (How can you NOT love that smile?!?!)

Joe McElderry: 3

Olly Murs: 2 (Anything tight on this guy would put any photographer off!)

John & Edward: -2 (These boys would be a visual nightmare before Xmas! Bros, anyone?)

Like I said, these ratings are based on how they’d perform during a live performance for a photographer. Besides, there’s a high probability that whoever wins it would join the ranks of making live music photographers a pain by asking us to sign foolish Release forms. We may as well just sign it with an X!


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