Dominos Vobiscum, Pilgrims.

Well, Summer is truly over!  All of the big festivals have come and gone, and in most instances, we’ve packed away the stepladders, camping gear and such paraphernalia till the next year. Speaking of next year, I ought to make a mental note to myself: avoid Hard Rock Calling like the Zombie Plague! (If you’re thinking of applying for a pass next year, you might want to check my reasons here & here why it probably may not be a good idea!)

On the plus side, it’s that time of the year where the gig season for Autumn/Winter begins to kick off, and there’s the mad rush for photo-passes so as to capture acts and performances while simultaneously being treated like 2nd rate aliens by certain ‘powers’ & in many instances, being paid ‘peanuts by credit’. I love this job! 🙂  (**May I just say for the record, not all the people in the industry are ‘Himmleric Jobsworths’, but the ones that are know who they are!! Tut-tut-tut: shame on you! 😦 )

Like any activity that you’ve not been practising for a while, you have to ease back into the game, and so yesterday’s performance of boogie-woogie with Charlie Watts (that’s right: he that drums for the Rolling Stones) , Ben Waters and Axel Zwingenberger at the Purcell Room would be the perfect job before dashing down to the Royal Festival Hall for Magazine. It was always going to be a tight schedule because the first gig started at 7.45, and Magazine would start at 8pm. So imagine our initial horror when Charlie Watts did not come on. I love some boogie-woogie, but let’s be honest: the photographers really came to take pictures of Charlie Watts. Anything else was going to be a bonus:

Charlie Watts

So when Mr. Watts did come on I fired off about 10 shots, but I couldn’t get everyone in the frame:


One quick dash to Royal Festival hall and we actually had 5 minute grace before ‘Magazine’ came on:

Howard Devoto:


Complacency can be a real punk (no pun intended!) if you don’t practise, and I seemed out of sync yesterday. I got all my levels wrong and compositional framing. Most of the shots were void of character.  No excuses, really. I must try harder next time.  Now you can understand why this is a test run to get me back into the swing of things:


It’s about 18.45, and it’s time I get home. Vobiscum!!


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