Pixtorial salutations, Pilgrims of the 12th Dimension! 🙂

Ask anyone who grew up in the 70s to make a compilation of popular music anthems of the time and there’ll probably be a high chance that at least one song by Sister Sledge would make the list.  If yesterday’s turnout at the Indigo 02 was anything to go by, a lot of people had a bad dose of nostalgia, but in a good way. Crowd wise, it was a good turn out. Everyone was friendly and there to have a good time and reminisce about the good old days.  As for the band, well, let’s just say you found yourself back under a giant disco globe, complete with flairs and boogie-ing down. Although not with the original 4 sisters, it was led by the one we guys all had a crush on and the one most women tried to mime, Katy Sledge:

Sister Sledge at Indigo 02

Sister Sledge at Indigo 02


Sister Sledge at Indigo 02

It was a good night.  All the classsics that you’re familiar with, they played. I didn’t stay for long. I had one of thse moments with the head of security, but I’m really not going to get into that!

Pax, Pilgrims!


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