Wotcha, Pictorial Pilgrims!

There are some, nay, many gigs out there that ought to come with a health warning, and tonight’s performance of Simian Mobile Disco at the Itunes Festival 2009 at the London Roundhouse was no different.  Maybe there was a humongous sign post warning that I was oblivious to, but I doubt it.  What I do know is that once the gig started, if you suffered from epilepsy, then the odds of you being spiked by the flashing lights were not good at all! If anything, there’s a high probably you’d have been screaming, “My eyes! My beautiful eyes!!” As every knows, photography is all about light. Yet, when it’s light over-kill, it can be literally blind your sight, just as I found out tonight.  Forget even about getting the right light metre reading, ISO, aperture, exposure & all the techno-jazz that comes with photography: just bracket away!

Anyway, enough of that. The music in question was more for an Ibiza Crowd, so I just did my thing and thanking the Almighty for the joys of earplugs!

Simian Mobile Disco

Simian Mobile Disco

Oh, and the warm-up act was another dj-set by a geezer called ‘Gold Panda‘ (Yep, it was an evening packed with Animal nicknames!)

Gold Panda

I’m off to be bed. Vobiscum, pilgrims!!

ps: Just found out that the images were used in the London Paper, and on their website here. Nice!


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