Greeting, Pictorial Pilgrims!

If there is one thing many Hip-Hop artists has taught live music photographers, it is the virtue of patience.  Since music is the food of love, then patience is the chewing gum equivalent you chomp on: waiting for them to come on stage; understanding the screeching of the incessant “Yeh-Yeh-Yeahing”, and just the whole ethos behind the musical mindset.

But I digress.  Last night at the Indigo was the performance of Grammy Award winning artist Ludacris, otherwise known as Christopher Bridges:

Ludacris at Indigo 02.

Somehow, I just don’t see the name ‘Christopher Bridges’ being ‘hip’ enough within the hip hop world. Speaking of said world, why is it that at said certain gigs, there tends to be more metal detectors than usual or security are more on edge? Or that young men and especially older men that ought to know better dress up trying to be cool and sipping on the same glass of alcohol that may have cost a fortune in the first place?  Don’t even get me started on how charged the atmosphere was. Yes, we all know what the answers to these questions and observations.

What did I think of Ludacris performance? Well, suffice to say that the lyrics to his tracks were not to my taste at all:

Ludacris at Indigo 02.

He has stage presence, I’ll give him that. He also knows how to work the crowd. But the language!! Sheesh!

Ludacris at Indigo 02.

“F**ing” this, “B****ing” that! By the Great Pix!! No wonder the venue was charged.  Boy, was I glad to leave after the 2 songs. Ludacris, you’re interesting to shoot as a performer, but that’s as much praise you’re going to get from me, pilgrim:

Ludacris at Indigo 02.

Vobiscum, pilgrims!

All images were shot using a f2/8 24-70 lens @1600 Iso.


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