Wotcha, Ye Pixtorial Pilgrims! 😉

The first time I heard of David Sanborn was his collaboration with Bob James on their 1986 Double Vision album. The track that blew me away was “Maputo”.  I’m not much of a Sax fan, (Thank you very much, Kenny G!) but David S is one of the few musicians out there that I really appreciate as a saxophonist. And who can forget his playing on all of the ‘Lethal Weapon’ Series? (Although, I have to say Part 4 sucked! There! I said it!!)

When I got into live music photography, David Sanborn had been on my list of people to snap, especially within the field of jazz.  I’d been trying for over 5 years whenever he came to London to take pictures, and all to no avail.  But yesterday I had my opportunity at the Barbican when Mr. Sanborn performed the live version of his acclaimed 2008 album ‘Here & Gone’:

David Sanborn at Barbican

David Sanborn at Barbican

Big surprise yesterday was of a very, very talented saxophone player who played with finess, vigour and sassiness.  If you’ve never heard of YolanDa Brown, I highly recommend you source some of her music. Don’t let the ‘MOBO’ award winning tag put you off.  If anything, that was nearly one reason why I would have not checked her set yesterday.  Good thing I did, or I would have missed out indeed.  She was outstanding & then some. I wish her all the best in her career.  Mark my words: sooner or later she’s going to win a genuine award!

YolanDa Brown at Barbican

Till the next blog, Pilgrims!

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