Wotcha Pilgrims.

I honestly thought that giving up my photographer’s slot accreditation at this year’s Glastonbury to cover Hard Rock Calling was a good idea. How dumb could I get? By the way, if you’re expecting to see any shots of  The Killers (Who are these ‘Killers’ people seem to speak highly off, and why have a name like that??) in this blog, you are fresh out of luck!  We were informed just a couple of days ago that the band would ‘NOT” be allowing photographers during their set. Right then my pix-senses went off warning me that this festival was going to be a challenge.  So far it’s conjured up some of the nightmares that every live music photographer hates to  face: A high enough stage that could touch the heavens, so I’m going to  have to get a stepladder.  How about the fact that we have to contend with 4 camera guys on dollies zipping up and down, thus making  that elusive shot all the more elusive. At the time of writing this blog, there is the high likelihood that we may not even be able to shoot the Headlining acts that include Neil Young & Bruce Springsteen, and what good is this for a photographer being there in the first place?  On the plus side, though, there’s free drinks for the press. Bam!
You know what:  I really can’t be bothered to rant and bitch about this: I’m tired. There’s still 2 more days of the event, so I may as well conserve my energy. In the meantime, here are some shots from the day. If you think that these images suck, I would definitely concur:

The Kooks:

The Kooks at Hard Rock Calling, London. June 2009

The image below should give you an idea of what we have to work with for the next 2 days. Fun & Games:

The Kooks at Hard Rock Calling

The Howling Bells:
Chip lip at Hard Rock Calling

Howling Bells at Hard Rock Calling


Chip lip at Hard Rock Calling

and finally, Passion Pit:


Wow! I’m really inspired, already! Roll on, Days 2 & 3! (By the Great Pix, I need to work on my sarcasm!)

Good night, pilgrims!


One thought on “Hyde Park Calling Day 1: The Kooks, Howling Bells, Passion Pits & Chew-Lips

  1. I have always been perplexed by PR peeps who make it hard for the media to cover their events. Do they want media coverage or what? The pics look great though so you are quite clearly working though your obstacles.

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